Why are Open Source projects treated as 2nd class citizens when it comes to healthy computing?


Now lets get this straight, several open source projects get top tier benefit such as Angular.JS, Ember.JS, Twitter Bootstrap, .NET Framework, etc.

However, there are several that suffer from Refactor failures.

  • Refactor 1 – Clear concise code. This is to make sure that the code is maintainable.
  • Refactor 2 – Duplicate code removal.
  • Refactor 3 – Performance refactoring

Part of 3 is also applying learned lessons and best practices, but that can be a big enough process to call it Refactor 4.

I am FULLY guilty of violating the R3 rules above. But then, I don’t package and redistribute my Open Source packages because I haven’t done the due diligence of the 3(4) steps of refactoring.

Normally this wouldn’t be rant worthy, but I have found that people who sell TBS templates are VERY guilty of this with their modifications to TBS and other frameworks. I find that exhausting.

Here is a link to my original document on Refactor, Refactor, Refactor.

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