I am convinced that the roll out of Win 10 was both premature and disasterous.


Microsoft needs to learn the lesson that Morheim at Blizzard taught us years ago.

Blizzard missed a release date, and decided to push the release date out by months.

The media climbed all over this event until Morheim said that they will not release games prematurely, and ruin the player experience.

Microsoft released Windows 10 based on a bunch of Public Beta. Guess what? Public Beta does not replace solid QA team. Public Beta should never be the grounds of a launch.

My latest pet peeve was with the email client.

With a Microsoft account, I cannot delete an email account if it was setup or imported wrong. However, if you switch your login to a local account, then you can delete the email accounts. But if you log in again with your online account, you may find that they will be re-recreated. So you have to go back to your online profile and delete those accounts there too before switching your local login back to your Microsoft Account login.

I consider that a Piece of Shit move from the Microsoft team to cover their ass for some other mistake that they must have done.

If Microsoft was smart, they would FREEZE all new installs and upgrades, until they get past this triage collection from hell. Just spend some time on their websites and help channels and you will see that they are inundated with so many bug and removed features that the site have become useless.

But here is the situation. MS will keep pushing this macabre release because their ego won’t let them stop, and figure out a better plan. They won’t provide better feedback. And they do not seem to even be acknowledging that there was a problem. If they did, they would have just sent us an email already.

No, just like ME, VISTA, and 8, MS would rather just piss us off, and try to fix it all in patch hell.

Recap of what MS should do:

  1. Stop pushing upgrades.
  2. Triage the things that users cannot do without FIRST
    1. System Forgetting, then remembering that I have already activated. This happens through out the day.
    2. Email
    3. Calendars
    4. Disabling Airplane Mode
    5. Pinning on start and task bar (without waiting indiscriminate amount of time.
  3. Expand the discovery of installation problems with several platforms.
    1. My Surface 3 Pro had to go through a wipe and restore to recover, and now it works fine.
  4. At this point resume upgrades
  5. Marry staff to the answer.microsoft.com forums to do nothing else than to prevent people from feeling abandoned.
    1. If that means that you start having staff do double time, then so be it. Pissing off your core competency customers is a solid way of not having them as customers anymore.

Here is the thing, MS may be stuck in Triage mode for these foul-ups for 6 months, or just 4 weeks. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that this is a repeat of every other MASSIVE failure of the prior OS releases.

Please Microsoft, for your own value of your stocks, stop repeating history!

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