Thoughts on an interesting debate.

So here I am defending Anarchy and volunteerism, and debating the merits of Anarchy over all other forms of government, even minarchy.

The debate was pretty much one sided.

  1. Government gave us atomic power.
    1. No government took atomic power and made it into a weapon, then regulated the hell out of it, so the rate of innovation is hampered, and even radiation recovery is basically shelved. Imagine if the independent research into fissionable materials was still an Avant guard level of discovery, like most of our big inventions, we would have probably already found a fix for Fukashima.
  2. Most inventions come from government sponsored science.
    1. No, most re-engineered science comes out of government sponsored science, but most of the real discoveries have been from the private sector who either had vision or a problem to solve. Government programs take existing technologies and put a fresh coat of paint on it, then call is a new discovery, or a new applied science.
  3. Government protects us from bad science
    1. Agent Orange
    2. Nuclear Fallout
    3. 3 nuclear plan meltdowns around the world
    4. Lead contaminated lakes in Cambodia
    5. Vietnam and Korean war landmines that are still being found.
    6. International hacking of private computers
    7. NSA domestic spying
    8. US labs that grow and ship small pox to other unregulated labs.
    9. CARB regulated trucks in CA that spontaneously catch on fire.
    10. There are a lot more, but this was just off the top of my head.

I could keep going, but fighting the brain washing of the masses is exhausting. I will tell you what isn’t exhausting. Accepting that Christ Jesus washed you free from your sins with his blood, that you may come unto God, righteous.

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