Windows 10 Miseries and Updates.

I threw in the towel and started over. Yes, that does mean that I have two years of installed software that I have to reinstall all over again.

I was lead up to this through a collection of events.

  1. Right after updating everything was working absolutely crappy. Nothing was consistent. Crashes on common software, Programs taking forever to load, Network connections that would die with no warning. Dead zones on my touch screen.
    1. Rebooting too care of many of these, but not all. And they would come back again and again.
  2. Today I lost WiFi. So I switched to my LAN line. LAN didn’t work. Tested it and it worked with other computers, just not my Surface 3 Pro.

#2 was the camel that broke the straw’s back. (Yes, I said that overused statement backwards. Cheap humor.) So I have flushed the install and started over.


I have LAN connection!

I am reinstalling my myriad of software now, before I get to the big stuff, I am going to test the WiFi. I know, I know, I should test that first. But there are core programs that if they don’t work, it doesn’t matter if WiFi works or not, the tablet is useless to me without them.

I’ll post an edit to this post when I have everything reinstalled. At that point, I will let you know if it is worth it or not.


So after the refresh, and the massive update from MS, my tablet is working acceptably. Not satisfactorily, but acceptably. There are a number of nuances that are still giving me problems that I just cannot stand, but have worked around.

  1. Top of this list, going from tablet to docking station changes my network connection to wired, but going back to tablet does not restore the WiFi.
  2. WiFi drops without notice.
  3. Han Solo shot first.
  4. etc.

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