My thoughts on Windows 10


Worst mistake in my life was installing Win 10 on my Surface 3 Pro before the masses did.

  1. Pin something, and it takes forever, for the pinned item to show in start, if it ever does.
  2. Crash crash crash crash.
    1. Edge (IE replacement) crashed until I changed start pages
    2. Most programs crash in the first 15 minutes after booting or rebooting.
  3. Slow as hell
  4. No warning when whole system has a mental meltdown
    1. Everything was looking fine, then I developed a dead zone on my desktop.
    2. Started a new virtual desktop, encase this was an invisible popup. Just a dead zone.
    3. System decided that I wasn’t activated. Tried to reactivate more than once. So I rebooted and all problems went away.
  5. Randomly decides that I am now in tablet mode even though I have my keyboard connected.

I am starting to agree with many of my friends, It is looking like the Surface 3 Pro computer may be a better Ubuntu box than a windows box. I am now considering.

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