Walking by grace

As much as I love to serve the grace message, and promote the salvation found in Christ Jesus, I hate being nearly worshipped by those who seem to respect my knowledge.

I purposely refuse the title of Pastor or Reverend for a reason. I minister the grace message to the people that they may grow in it. I am not one to be revered.

I go out of my way to avoid being revered. I was asked if I was leading the bible study last night. With a grin, and a slight chuckle, I said “Hell no!..” That was a surprise to a many of the brothers of our fellowship. What they may not have understood, is that I wasn’t on any schedule to lead that night. But my very redneck, humorous reply sorta left them disconcerted.

I followed up with, if the teacher for the night does not show up, since this is John 14, I can cover it greatly, but it isn’t my focus of my research that I have done in the past. With that I could tangibly feel the tension release. These people forget, I am not a conformist when it comes to “practical standards”, like how to talk in a church, or in this case a Cigar Lounge hosted bible study.

I feel that sometimes my presence is blinding to some of the people, and while I have trouble remembering more than 12 names, they all know mine. Am I that revered? Ack! I regret asking. Revere God our Father, and Christ Jesus, but I won’t mind if you thank me for a bit of wisdom, but it isn’t my word, it is the word of God.

I have said a many times, I don’t seek any glory on this world for the word of God, I just seek His word to be rightly divided.

I cannot make you holy. I cannot save you from damnation. I cannot do anything towards your righteousness without Christ Jesus, and what he has done for you, so that I may show it to you to learn. That is it. Nothing more. Learn. It is between you and God for your righteousness after that.

Rom 10:9 For if thou shalt confess with your mouth, the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, then thou shalt be saved. 10 For with thine heart thou believest unto righteousness, and with thine mouth confession is made unto salvation.

See. I have nothing to do with your righteousness. I can teach it to you. I can lead you to it. But in the end, your salvation is between you Jesus Christ, and our Father who is God.

In no way is this letter a reproval, but a musing of an observation. I must not allow myself to become full of myself, or I leave no room for Christ. Just as such, I must not flood my brethren in Christ with my presence or importance, or they have no room for Christ. What man can claim to serve the Lord, and yet stand against him? But many do, and their dirty laundry airs our amongst the many.

Even now, there is one, who does not understand the claims of Christ, and himself claims the position of the Anti-Christ in full benevolence. I say to you now. There will be no reincarnation or return of any savior by the means of men of this time. The return of Christ is clearly stated that we will meet him in the air. The false prophet that walks as a false king, wearing the mark of 666, with his followers, is to be dismissed. He is nothing more than a distraction. A false prophet to present and bring fear amongst the faithful in Christ. He hold no sway on those things eternal, and he will be judged as all things that are not sanctified in Christ will be judged.

His death already drips from his cheeks as he speaks venomous words against the knowledge of God. We won’t even have to take action against him, as all false vessels of salvation, they will crumble, and disappear. This is why I know my Lord is real, for he is not found with vipers, or shallow as a paupers grave, or even smelling of the rotting earth. He has already risen, and your sanctification can be found in him, just turn to him that you will see the real Lord of life, the proper Light of this world, the lamb of God, the chosen vessel of our salvation, Christ Jesus.

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