Interesting Site activity yesterday.

Somewhere between 1 and 7 people made up 90% of all of the traffic on my blog site, and just on my home page.

What were they looking for?

Did they find it?

Was there enough information on my blog to motivate them to follow me, or ask question later?

Curious minds want to know. Or at least I do. :D

Knowing my luck, it was some law enforcement agency trying to find something to incriminate this minister of Christ on.

First Amendment isn’t a crime. Promoting Christianity, Technology, free exchange of knowledge, and peaceful living are not criminal actions.

But then, maybe I should take off my tinfoil hat, and just go back to being a Freedom loving, Christian Minister, who writes and teaches software engineering.

[EDIT 7/30]

So on the 29th, 18 Unique Visitors, 8 Countries, 191 Views.. What are you mining for? :)

This is highly amusing that the bulk of that came from 1 to 10 visitors. Seeing Police SUVs around near my office didn’t help my paranoia. Not being arrested, or stopped for anything did. This is now amusing.

Though, if someone is mining my site, I really would like to help them find what they are looking for. Or at least let me know what they are scavenging off of my blog.

It’d be even funnier if I found out that this was a prank from someone who thinks that they know me but doesn’t. LOL

Well, God bless, stay safe, and remember, fighting violence with violence is just promoting more violence. Break the cycle by promoting peace, love, understanding, and if possible, Christ Jesus.

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