Weightloss status report

I am fatter than I have been in a decade.

Yes, that does mean that as I have been working out, I have put on more fat.

No, this isn’t heavier muscle issue, this is real fat. Nothing is fitting.

Top Reasons for this new fat.

  1. I am still emotional eating. And always in binge.
  2. I make the mistake of a little cheat, and the next thing I know, a little is massive.
    1. This is part of binge, emotional eating.
  3. I have not addressed the issue that is causing me to stress out and turn to food. But then half of my stress is food itself. So that is a circular issue.

In the last 4 weeks, my lightest has been 400lbs, my heaviest 407lbs.

Again, I am starting over today. I will start over every day if I have to to get this subjugation of my health under control.

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