Old people are rude too.

So I’m at Costco, and like always there are food samplers causing backup on nearly all of the isles. So an old couple tries to cut across a bunch of annoyed people, the complain that nobody is considerate any more.

I nearly exploded. The first thing that came to mind was that they were causing new congestion for an already horrible situation. And if they drove this badly they would be inundated with people shouting and blowing their horns.

Just because you are old, you do not get new magical abilities to be treated better than the next person.

I will treat you as well as I expect to be treated and probably better. Just don’t you fucking dare expect me to grant you some magical honorary because you survived to be old.

If you are trying to cut through everyone, follow the traffic flow, or say excuse me, just like I do when I try to navigate the store.

Just because you are old doesn’t mean you can be rude and we automatically are expected to comply to your magical wishes. I bet you vote statist because of your self righteous privileged mindset.

And don’t fucking say that you deserve special privilege from me. Yes, you are old. Yes you held down a job that I may still get some intrinsic benefit from, but you got paid for that job, so you got your reward.

“Shit BrIan, how can you be such an ass to these people?”

Simple. I know fully capable older people in their 80s and 90s who expect no magical level of respect, but as for assistance, and provide polite statements like “excuse me”. They don’t expect me to treat them differently just because they are old.

Being old is its own reward for living a lifestyle that allowed you to become old. Being old does not grant you any new magical benefits (or it shouldn’t, since the government doesn’t agree with me).

Hell, I have seen my own mom speak up and people assist just by her asking. Politeness is a virtue, but it goes both ways. So don’t be an old wrinkly putz.

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