USB Tester lets you easily monitor the current and voltage of any device

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This Hackaday Prize entry will let you know know how much power your project is using.

The brainchild of Maker “MobileWill,” the USB Tester was designed as a simple way to monitor the current and voltage of any USB device.


The gadget, which also happens to be a recent entry in this year’s Hackaday Prize, works by being inserted in between both a USB device and the power source or computer. This enables you to not only ensure that you are getting a true 5V, but to read how much power a project is using as well. The base can be employed with a digital multimeter or with the USB Tester’s OLED backpack, which will provide you with the readout directly on the display. In default mode, the USB Tester reveals a graph of current usage, with the button cycling through the different modes.


What’s more, the Tester base can actually measure non-USB devices, too. With its 128×64 OLED, you can monitor up to 3.2A and 26V. The backpack connects to a computer either through the…

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