The interwebs disappoint me again today.

Gays won the right to ASK permission to marry. Remember, a marriage license means that the state can refuse to issue it. So you are still not free.

Michigan will remove all licensing for marriage. So 49 states and the federal government got it wrong.

Succession was about self rule, not about slavery. What is worst is that if you read up on Abraham Lincoln, he wanted to export all of the slaves after the war. Doesn’t sound a magnanimous to me. What is worst is that he was a racist.…/5-things-you-may-not-know-about-li…

And lets look at the SC shooter, HE HAD BLACK FRIENDS, at least one. This friend stated that the shooter wasn’t racist.…/dylann_roof_has_at_least_one_black_f…

Then, THEN, there is a dipshit who said that if he ever faced God in the afterlife, he would refuse God on the grounds of this world. Thank God that he isn’t expecting to join us in heaven.

Lastly, WordPress decided that I had to be inundated with rainbows in the admin console today. WTF! You are hosting a blog, not promoting stuff on my management console. Lets say that you decided to promote my book or Adam Kokesh’s book on my management console, I would be just as ticked off. There is a place and time for everything, and that is no place.

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