Why I changed my mind on the Confederate battle flag.

I was originally all over the take it down thought. But my reasons were never over racism.

  1. The popular flag that everyone is attacking is the battle flag, not the Confederacy flag.
  2. There were many free black soldiers who fought on the side of the south. Recently reminded of that by  a couple of black historians.
  3. The KKK marches with the US flag not the confederate flag.
  4. The confederate flag was about succession not slavery. However the war itself was about northern imposed laws on the south, amongst these was slavery.
  5. Which flag represented slave trading and holding the longest the US flag or the Confederate flag? The US was around a lot longer than the few years of the confederate states.
  6. Germany practices book burning as it was promoting the National Socialist Party agenda, and now the US is walking the VERY SAME PATH!

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