Hurt people hurt people. So I stopped hurting people.

There is a lot of misinformation about damn near all religions. So I will only talk about what I preach.

The Mosaic law was a promise and a sign of the coming Messiah. It was impossible for man to keep all of the law, which is why there were so many sacrifices. They were the core of the sign of the coming.

How do I know that the Mosaic law wasn’t for man’s enslavement, but for the promise of the Messiah? Because Abraham was righteous before the Mosaic law was written. Moses was Righteous before the law was written. Righteousness was from believing God. You get this all from the first 5 chapters of the book of Romans in the New Testament. Which also clarifies Isaiah 52 and 53, which talks about the coming Christ and the benefits there of.

Jesus did not come to change the law, but if we could not reach righteousness through the law, again first 5 chapters of Romans, then someone who fulfilled the promise of the law (prophesy) would have been the righteous one to rejoin us back to God. John 10, Jesus said that he had the authority as the shepherd to lay his life down, and to claim it back up. John the Baptist claimed that Jesus was the lamb of God (The sacrifice) for our sins. Paul (Romans) said that we were purchased back from sin through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Shall we sin then? Everything is available to me, but not everything is fruitful for me. So no, but if we do, oh well, just remember that you are no longer burred and dead in sin, but dead to sin. It has no authority against you.

Why should we hate, or wage war, or murder, or seek vengeance? Is it not Christ Jesus who died for us while we were yet sinners and enemies of God, shall we not reflect back to others even a smallest reflection of what was given to us?

I am saved, therefor I shall murder. What? Have you no love of God? Or has your heart so hardened in hate that you never accepted Christ Jesus, but only glorify him in hollow words. A man in made know by the fruit of his labor. If our God has planted his love in our hearts, then we will make him know by our works. We don’t sin or oppress others, because we don’t need to. We don’t hate others because we don’t need to. Yet, if we do, are we no longer God’s children? No, we are simply children who have taken our eyes off of God, and stare in darkness, tripping over every little thing that gets in our lives. But as any loving parent, God is there, ready and willing to help us back up, if we turn back to him and ask for help.

What shall I say then, are all religions a path to righteousness? Are all religions reflections of God? Are all men made in His image? If the love of God is not taught, his forgiveness not shared, his mercy not promoted, his compassion not held in high reflection, it matters not who that religion calls God, they have none of him in them.

But those who have God, and have forgotten, they are not lost to God, but their eyes are blinded in darkness, yet all they need to do is to turn there eyes back to him, and they will reflect him in their hearts and faces.

I feel I have waxed way too poetic, but when I had realized that “Hurt people hurt people”, I realized that I must not hurt another again unless I seek the same wrath back to me from those I hurt.

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