Depression vs Christ

One of the most evil things I have heard from the mouth of a saint is that “I will fight my own demons.” For that statement to be true then Christ Jesus didn’t die for our sins, we are not more than victorious, were are not the body of Christ.

There is no reason for a member of the body of Christ to suffer except that they turn from the head of the body of Christ and reject the work done through the lamb.
Even when we are physically alone, we’re never alone unless one rejects Christ Jesus and our Father God.

All depression is a form of harboring a lie that we have been abandoned by the body of Christ, Christ Jesus, AND our father God.

Even when we confess that we have not been abandoned, if we we give that unclean thought safe harbor in our heart, then we are not standing on the truth that: God so loved us that He bought us back from the death of sin, and made us His children and heirs, through His lamb which was created perfect, that we would be with made perfected in Him for all eternity.

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