If wishes were horses, this argument would fly.


Rand Paul – sometimes I love him, and sometimes he seems to forgot to engage his brain before speaking. The following quote was pulled from a recent interview:

There was a PEW study that added up data from a lot of different countries, and asked them, if you could, would you go to the United States? 600 million would come. We’re a country of 300 million, it would be a bit disruptive to have 600 million people show up,

Yes, I cut right in the middle of a sentence – it only gets more stupid. This quote is already enough to embarrass any rational person. In fairness, Rand did not invent this line of argument, but his crap detector should have blocked it.

Let us construct a though experiment: Ferrari commissions a poll, with exactly the same structure: “If you could, would you buy a Ferrari?”

Visions of winning the…

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