Last workout was a week ago.

1. So I haven’t worked out for a week, and tonight proved it.

Ugh… Everything was exhausting, but I didn’t lose strength. Actually I was able to handle more.

2. But enough of that. I also went out of town last weekend.

Ate too much. Slept too much. But had a great time learning deliverance for Christians. I am going to have to digest this information a lot more.

So what is this deliverance? If by His stripes you are healed, and by His blood you are inseparable from God, then nothing of this world has rights too you. That is the summary.

3. The evil god is not My God.

There is a video that explains Rom 13 so clearly that even I understood it. If Rom 13 is supporting the state, then it would have been supporting Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, and ISIS Iran. If I believed that, then I would drop Christianity like a cold piece of shit.

However, it doesn’t. In my book I explained this, but now I also understand the other point of this, which is that God is our sufficiency if we are taxed at 1%, 5%, 50%, 99%, 100%. At what point is God not our sufficiency?

Does that mean that we should celebrate government? Who is our banner, God or Government? God. Who is our shepherd, God or Government? God. Look, Government is a false religion of death. However, we are not to pick up a sword to lop off its head, we are to pray for our enemies, and treat them as our neighbors. Let God take care of their threat. If you really think we have a need for a military, then you have missed something.. God is our shepherd, not man.

That is why I am against a violent overthrow of any government. That is why I believe that a dismantling of our government is inevitable once people get this message.

What is the worst thing that can come out of a peaceful retiring of our government? More of the same. What is the worst that can come out of it? More of the same. As soon as you realize that we are in a police state, which is dang near the Nazi Germany era of police state, then you will realize that a peaceful dispersion is our best and possibly only option.

4. Another edition of my book will be coming out with additional materials.

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