COPs that violate the 4th amendment are the problem.

It isn’t bad enough that the politicians violate the 4th amendment, but when the cops do it, then we are in the modern Nazi Socialist America.

The difference is that ALL of us not in the government or crony pockets are in line to be put in the containment camps. How much longer before we are lined up for a firing squad or gas chamber. From

Save the Naugler Family
This Kentucky family of 12 people, 6 dogs, 2 farm cats and a few random farm animals was just torn apart. Their crime: Living a simple, back to basics life. Any effort to show solidarity with the #Kentucky10 should be peaceful and respectful. We are all acting on behalf of the children now and our actions and attitudes should reflect the purity, love, and hope of the 10 children still in state custody.
SPECIAL REQUEST: “Our CHFS hearing could start as early as 9am Monday morning at the County Court in Hardinsburg with an exact time not set in stone. Our supporters come from all races, incomes, religions, and political persuasions. We encourage any who wish to express themselves to peaceably assemble outside the courthouse starting at that time and to be respectful of law enforcement and media. No one will be allowed inside. Please be peaceful, prayerful, and positive as we anticipate the safe return of our 10 children. Finally, we ask that firearms, weapons, and threats not be a part of this assembly. Thank you for your unending support.” —– ORIGINAL STORY: Breckinridge Co KY Sheriff Todd Pate, with other officers, entered the Naugler’s residence without a warrant or probable cause. Nicole was pulled over by a deputy just outside the property. Officers TOOK their two oldest boys from Nicole, with no documentation to support their actions. Nicole, 5 months pregnant, was slammed into the hood of a cop car, and was taken into custody for disorderly conduct (for pleading with the Sheriff to not take her boys) and resisting arrest (verbally, not physically). Joe arrived, but the sheriff, with his hand on his sidearm, ordered Joe back into the car and informed Joe that he was going to make this as difficult as possible for them and that their car would be impounded. The Sheriff ordered Joe to turn the remaining eight children over by 10:00 a.m., and threatened him with felony charges if he does not comply. All of this happened because of an unfounded anonymous complaint filed with CPS.

Day 1:

Day 1: Arrest

Joe and Nicole Naugler live on a homestead in rural Kentucky. They live a very simple life. They garden and raise animals. They are industrious people trying to teach their children how to live right.

They have ten children who are homeschooled on the homestead. They contribute to the success of the family crops and livestock, all while learning about the amazing beauty of life.

On May 6th, 2015, Breckinridge Co. Sheriff’s officers came to their home, acting on an anonymous tip, and entered their property and home without a warrant and without probable cause. Nicole was at home with the two oldest children, while Joe was away with the others. When the officers left the home, they attempted to block the access road to the family property. Nicole and the two boys got in their car to leave the family property. The got only a short way down the road before the officers pulled Nicole over.

During this stop, sheriffs deputies took their two oldest boys from Nicole’s custody, providing her no justification or documentation to support their action. Nicole was able to contact Joe briefly by telephone, but only for a short period of time, because she needed to use her phone to record the events.

At that point, Nicole had been taken into custody for disorderly conduct (for not passively allowing the Sheriff to take her boys) and resisting arrest. Even though she is 5 months pregnant, she was slammed belly first into the cop car and bruised and scraped on both arms.


Joe was able to arrange transportation to meet his wife where the stop had taken place. Joe attempted to get out of the car to speak with the officers and his wife, and to recover the vehicle Nicole had been driving. The Sheriff, with his hand on his sidearm, ordered Joe back into the car. Joe complied with that request. The sheriff informed Joe that he had every intention of making this as difficult as possible for them and that their car would be impounded, despite the fact that Joe was there on­site to recover it.

A friend, who had driven Joe to the location, got out of the car to speak with the Sheriff. She was able to convince the Sheriff to let Joe recover the vehicle. Joe also recovered Nicole’s cell phone, which had been recording audio the entire time.

The Sheriff ordered Joe to turn the remaining eight children over to Breckinridge County Sheriff’s deputies by 10:00 a.m., and threatened him with felony charges if he does not comply.

At this time (roughly 5:00 CDT), Nicole is being held in custody in Hardinsburg, KY by the Breckinridge Co. Sheriff. The whereabouts of their two oldest sons is unknown to the family. Nicole faces a magistrate at 8:00 a.m. to set bail and an arraignment will take place shortly thereafter.

All of this has happened because of an anonymous complaint filed with CPS. In the state of KY, an anonymous complaint cannot be considered probable cause to pursue this course of action. It cannot be confirmed that this is the complainant, but earlier this week an acquaintance of the Naugler family threatened to file a CPS complaint against them, all because Joe “unfriended” this acquaintance on Facebook.
We ask for your support for the Naugler family at this time. Any support is greatly accepted. Whether you can or cannot contribute, please consider them in your prayers, meditations, positive energies, and any other support you can provide. Share their story!

A collection of the audio:

How to help the family:

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