Movie: Jupiter Ascending

Just watched the movie. And it would be a 4 out of 5 stars.

I did enjoy it. Though there was more than one core storyline, which is why so many critics must have felt the movie was too complex. But then I hold most critics in full contempt because each of the storylines were ever so simplistic.

Story 1: Cinderella: Girl’s father dies. Girl is raised in an economically repressed environment. Same girl has 3 relatives who are completely despicable, and a prince charming.

Story 2: Lets explain over population and the origins of man.

Lets talk about the aspects of story 1. Prince charming is no prince. He is part of the underclass. Heck, everyone is part of the underclass except the 3 elite relatives.

The story really capitalizes on  a prediction of mega corporations, complete enslavement, and the gross incompetence of a massive bureaucracy.

What to take out of this movie.

  1. This was an FX wonderhouse.
  2. The acting from the supporting characters was awesome.
  3. Mila Kunis was an acceptable Jupiter Jones. This is a good rating from me.
  4. Hunter Cain, Channing Tatum, was underwhelming. That isn’t completely right. Its more like he played his character in a way that was completely unnatural to him. Excuse the metaphor, but he wore the wrong skin to play that role.
  5. This is a fast pace movie, so don’t blink, and don’t look away from the screen. I think the movie could have been made longer, and included a lot more richness of this new universe into it. Maybe even made a 2 part movie. Rescue Jupiter, Rescue Earth. Hell, maybe a 3rd movie, Rescue Cain.
  6. The problem with fast pace movies is that the beauty of the imagined scenery is lost to the viewers. It would be like seeing the Mona Lisa at 55 miles an hour.

Finally: if you like SciFi, you will probably like this. Enjoy.

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