Yes I did work out yesterday…

I am running out of steam way to early.

I am forcing myself to keep a 45 min workout, but that is about all the energy that I have available.

I am also having problems getting my heart up to 125 bpm  before my knees start having problems. Mostly because I have gotten so used to the current treadmill speeds that my heart’s rest state is so much lower now.

I still cannot run yet, unless I really do want to cripple myself.

Getting back to the lack of energy, I still force myself to do one cycle of 10 reps leg presses at 300 lbs. I don’t care how tired I get, if I don’t at least do that, then I am not going to build my stamina.

I sort of think that a lot of this running out of energy is coming from the fact that I am keeping my weights down, and I am using weights to burn calories. However, for some reason the calories that I am burning off are taking longer to get back to my muscles than I had expected.

I’ll have to keep watching this, because eventually my body is going to have to learn to be more efficient at recovery than it is.

Foot note: My gout pains in my toes has gone way down.

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