Working out while tired sucks.

I was falling asleep and have to get a 5 hour energy hit at 3pm.

Sure I woke up, but what happened is that I had burned through my spare calorie endurance. So when I worked out, I made sure that I did 45 mins, and yesterday’s 45 mins sucked.

I barely pushed myself through 10 mins of treadmill*, and the rest of my workout.

So I think if it looks like I am going to be short of energy, I am going to work out mid-day rather than evening. I always seem to have more alertness after working out over taking a power nap.

Mind you, I pull the weights as slow as I can, to force the greatest burn of energy. Fast motion = bigger muscles, slow motion = more calorie burn. I want to burn more calories so that I can force my muscles to learn how to process my body fat into more energy.

With that in mind, I knew I had burned through all of my spare energy when I was wobbly and shaky from not having any spare energy in my muscles.

So maybe I will workout for lunch, then grab a light lunch, then return to work. If it keeps me from having that 3pm lag, then I will call it a win.

Well, all that being said, I had about 440 Cals via two muscle milks. So I think that will be dinner. Nothing more.

Good news for me, another friend is joining my workout period 2 to 3 times a week. :D


Every time I skip a workout I suffer the next day. No seriously. I suffer. Skipping a workout causes my muscles in my back and legs to SERIOUSLY HURT!

As soon as I work out, the pain passes away, and I feel better all together.

Also refined sugar gives me headaches when in high concentration. Caffeine makes me jittery in the wrong way.

*Something is bothering me on the treadmill. My target heart rate is 144bpm, and I am having a really hard time hitting 120. In theory, I should just step up the speed of the treadmill, but I am 300lbs+, so running is not a good idea at this time. But I am up to 3MPH and comfortably power walking that. I look forward to hitting 5MPH, which would put me at a jog (Yes, at 6’2″ that is a jog). I really look forward to getting to 5MPH+.

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