• 1200 Cals brunch, and forgot to eat the rest of the day. :(
  • 20 mins cardio: 15 on tread, 5 on bike.
  • 200, 300, 400 lbs leg press
  • 25/arm, 45/arm press
  • Bunch of misc. workouts.

One major note: NO MORE COFFEE. (I fasted from coffee for 2 weeks)

I have discovered that coffee makes me feel like shit, and gives me a false sensation of heart attack. I know its fake when I check my pulse, it all clears away when I am up an walking.

2nd problem with coffee is that it acts like a super laxative. Sorry, but I don’t need to be that cleaned out.

My morning drink of choice now it water, or juice. Maybe some tea.

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