Another Good night of workouts

15 mins on treadmill. Averaging 6% incline. Got my heart up to 133.

90 lbs presses (45 per arm) 2 sets of 10 reps.

30 lbs butterfly 1 set of ten reps. Done VERY VERY slow. Oh my God that is hard!

Leg presses: 4 sets of 10

  1. Set 1: 100 lbs
  2. Set 2: 200 lbs
  3. Set 3: 300 lbs
  4. Set 4: 100 lbs

5 mins on the bike. Re-warming up the leg muscles so I could go on with other workouts.

1 set of 10 reverse situps. No extra weight. Done REALLY REALLY slow. (FYI: Back pain stopped after second rep. YAY!)

Two other misc machines that I don’t remember what their workouts are called, but it was nice because I got to work them at 30 lbs, and VERY VERY SLOW. You have no idea how hard it is to move weights SLOWLY. I was shaking after each.

Last workout of the night and I called it a night. 300 lbs on the inverted leg press. 10 reps on 1 set. And Mom called. Funny that she would call right in the middle of my last set.

For everyone who has been cheering me on. THX! I appreciate the motivation.

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