3 days straight of weight gain… No mystery

Since I have been working out, my sugar levels are out of control. Not high, but more like they nose dive with no warning, then I am dizzy, lethargic, and a bit cranky. Then I fall into my old habit of eat. And I don’t mean the healthy habit of grabbing something good for me, but the UN-healthy habit of cheep carbs.

  • Friday Pizza.
  • Saturday Pasta
  • Sunday White rice.

If that was it, I probably wouldn’t have an issue, but it was that, PLUS I have found more sugar in my diet that I have to drop, and I have been over eating again! Let me say that again: I HAVE BEEN OVER EATING AGAIN!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up by any means. This is an admission that I didn’t stay on my planned path. That I took the easy route to get food, and I took the easy route to get an endorphin fix. Yes, I know that over eating for me fires off endorphins that cause me to have a moment of fake pleasure, at the price of my health.

Note: This is why I am pro-cannabis. Your body should release a level of endorphins that help regulate healthy moods, and pain control. Even healthy neural control can be managed by proper cannabis control. Since I don’t take any cannabis, in any form, I don’t have this tool to help manage my mental/physical health.

I also don’t drink, but that is another discussion.

So what is the new plan? If I repeat my old plan, and fail again and again, then I am proving insanity.

Insanity is the repeating of failed policies, with the expectations that they will magically start working.

I have a few options in my mind:

  1. Don’t put myself in the position where I have to chose between food and satisfaction (Quality of life, not being full).
  2. Find the root cause and root it out, of what is causing my failure of be satisfied. (I believe that my lack of being full comes from an emotional emptiness.)
  3. Consider getting a Medical Marijuana Permit/Prescription
  4. Continue exploring other avenues.

FYI: Hypnosis fails to take on me. I have frustrated 3 doctors already, I don’t plan on trying number 4. My older brother is the same way.

On the good news side of things, I am still working out.

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