A long time friend of mine passed away today…

The older I get the more this seems to happen. So my advice, stop dieing. I don’t have enough friends to even lose one. Even if I knew everyone in the world by their personal name, I don’t have enough to lose even one to death.

Now that is said, how I handled this…

  1. I immediately became Minister Webb again. That is, I took calls of those grieving and walked them towards enough light that they could chose to walk out, or stay in darkness.
  2. Then I ate a lot of Mountain Mike’s pizza. Then I did a 50 min workout. Lots of treadmill, lots of leg presses, bench presses, wing press (?), pull down, pull ups,
  3. Now I am back to work, stuffed, sweaty, and tired. Looking forward to my next workout.

Now I am also watching the one of the videos from Adam Kokesh on the video that was an interview of how Steve cured his Christianity. From what little information that Steve has reviewed from his discrepancies, I would have to say that he must not have known how to do proper research, or that he continued to use the lens of his old training when researching. You have to assume that you know nothing, so you have to even start with the translator translated probably under the lens of their own religion.

  1. One of the things that I despise in the false Christianity is the chains of FEAR. If you are still bound in fear, then you are still not knowing God.
  2. Also anyone who doesn’t understand the body of Christ is not necessarily the Jews, but is all who accept Christ, it is because they have not read and understood the writings of Paul.
  3. Lastly, the oldest writings predate the Catholic church. So if you start with that presumption, then you can eliminate the very first lies that have been injected into the modern translations. That means you have to go back to the Hebrew and Greek translations. Once you do that, the website http://www.evilbible.com/ starts falling apart.

What happens when you take scripture out of context? What happens when you don’t understand the difference between a recording of a commandment, and the recording of history? What happens when you don’t pay attention to who the book is written to? If you don’t pay attention to these, then you are going to miss the understanding of these scriptures.

  1. Did God sacrifice his son? The scriptures say that God gave his only begotten son over to be the sacrifice for our sins. Does that mean that God killed Jesus. No. What it means is that God allowed his son to chose his own path. Jesus was both the Lamb and the High priest. If you miss that then you miss the whole thing.
  2. Are there scriptures in the old testament that support the messiah in the old testament, yes. To ignore Isaiah 52 and 53, and recognize that in light of Romans, then you will never understand the Christ prophesies of the old testament. Also Jesus himself gave us the first prophesy of him when he entered the temple and read from the Torah the first prophesy of himself.

What is the short of this, I am going to break down and destroy the lies promoted on the site Evil Bible, and the misinformation that Steve promoted, or I will also become an Atheist in the process. I doubt that the later will happen, because every time someone hits me with their misinformation it doesn’t take much time for me to unravel their whole argument.

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