Don’t let the simple things demotivate you from working out

What are my top demotivators today:

1. I am working out solo.

Yes you are seeing that right. Both of my coworkers that were teaming with me had to bail out. So I am soloing it.

Would you believe that is a bigger demotivator than the next two?

2. I have a shit load of work to do.

I have a new server that I need to have completely ready for me to deploy to and I am not ready. The server is not ready. The security rights are not ready. (I don’t deploy to servers that are not locked down.)

I need to have all of the deployment work DONE, so that we can start UAT prior to going public with the new server.

Yes, my job is HIGH stress, and the top item is still the biggest demotivator.

3. I am bouncing between being in pain, and being stiff from the last workout.

Yes, it was about noon today that I realized that the workout from yesterday kicked my ass. I mean really kicked my ass.

Sitting more than 30 mins and my legs start to stiffen up. My shins as in a dull ache, and I feel like I HAVE to work out just to get my body to feel normal again.

Yes you saw that correctly. I am feeling so stiff that I feel like I have to work out to get back to normal.

Now, let me warn you. If you are anemic, you are at risk of having this problem 1000% fold more. Most of my discomfort is from lactic acid buildup in my muscles. My body isn’t used to having to dump so much build up. So now I am swimming in my own lactic acid buildup.

Fortunately I take low dose iron pills, so this has been the lowest impact I have ever had when I have rebooted my life in the past. I am also taking low dose Niacin, which dilates your blood vessels in your skin, so when you sweat you dump more out of your blood. This is a GOOD thing, since what you are sweating out is chemically nearly exactly the same thing you urinate out. Your body doesn’t want it, so help it dump it all out.

And again, #3 here is no where near the demotivator as #1.


Just like when it comes to avoiding turning to food, don’t let life demotivate you.

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