Don’t let food be the center of your attention

That is the biggest issue with weight-loss… food.

It isn’t like smoking where you can stop and all you have to do is to fight the habits and the withdrawals. Food is needed for your daily life. So you are tempted with ever hunger pain and bite to over do it.

“But I’m still hungry”

No doubt you are still hungry somewhere, and in some way, but is it really food?

  1. Water – Did you know that sometimes hunger pains are actually dehydration. Your body’s dehydration warning have been ignored so long that it has switched from saying I am thirsty, to saying feed me, so it can get some water out of the food you are ingesting.
  2. Habit – If you are a constant over eater or a binge eater, then you are probably here. Something like eating has triggered this habit, or some event is triggering your emotional eating. Get the book I Can Make You Thin. Don’t lose this book. After you lose your weight, and you are in maintenance, you will need to be reminded and have the good habits reinforced. This book is probably your best tool.
  3. Maybe you aren’t eating right – Think about it. If you are malnourished your body may stay hungry until you take in the nutrients that you need to be healthy. Consider expanding your diet to add more plants, and add natural supplements.

“And I am still hungry, and getting grumpy”

  1. Yeah.. that happens. Its called a withdrawal. Ask anyone who has had weight loss surgery. They go through it worst than you do, because it is enforced by the results of the surgery.
  2. If this lasts more than a week, go to your doctor. Make sure that you are not starving yourself of something that you absolutely need. If you have a dietary requirement that is not well known, see your doctor and ask for a nutritionist. This is all about getting healthier, not making yourself sick whole losing weight.
  3. Get into a support group, or form one.
  4. If all else fails, and your doctor has stated that this isn’t medical, get counseling. Look for a weight loss counselor. These people are focused on your weight loss, not on repeat customers. Though you may become a repeat customer.
    1. On a personal note, I won’t take meds if prescribed. I have seen too many people on the news go from being depressed to being mass murderers. So when depressed, I take niacin (250mg) and Vitamin D. If I am low energy too, then I will take B12.

You are not alone. I am posting these weight loss entries because we are not alone, and should share our experiences so that we can help one another.

Also by writing about this, I am building my own motivation to keep going.

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