When life dumps on you, don’t turn to food.

So my weekend was supposed to be, 2 hours in the office on Saturday, then head home.

Start of techno rant

Well, Saturday became saTURDay, as the day shat on all of my plans. I was stuck in the office for about 10 hours dealing with TFS issues.

So then I wake up Sunday and expect a day of rest. Nope. I wake up and None of my computers are working. That is, they turned on, but keyboards of every kind failed to respond. Even my surface wouldn’t do anything if I hit the windows button.

So I wipe my surface tablet, and reinstall windows, and it is still failed.

Fast forward to today, after hours and hours of research. It turns out that the MS Surface tablet can be majorly crippled by enabling the sticky keys feature. I call that a POS maneuver MS.

Since with ever so many patches and what not, you seem to want to re-enable the Ease of Use features, how about allowing me to just uninstall them all together, so I don’t have to deal with this at all? Disabling them from the advances settings is not enough, you have proven that. I want it completely off of my hard drive.

Techno rant done.

All that being said, I chose not to turn to food to de-stress. I did allow myself a little sugar, in the form of some Hawaiian bread, but some vegetables, and fruit for lunch and dinner, and that was it.

Also I notice that when I start being obsessive on my frustrations I probably need to consider some vitamin D. So I doubled down. By evening I was calm enough that I went to bed and slept well.

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