Yesterday I went to a product reveil, and all that was there was meat to eat…. diet dinged again.

One of the big cautions I have to toss out there when it comes to dieting, is that life doesn’t stop.

I went to a product release event, and they had tacos. And nearly nothing in vegetable mater. It was at that point I made the decision, eat or get dizzy. I chose to have some chicken tacos.

I paid for it today. Up 2 pounds. When I eat meat, I lose my estimates greatly, and end up over eating. It takes a lot of vegetables to equal one chicken breast.

In general, this week has not been a very good week, between the meat, sugar, and general overeating, I will call this last week a not met goal week.That means, Monday I reset my weekly goals, and act on them.

Next week may be easier, since I am adding exercise back in. Keeping it light for a while, and will slowly build up to heavier as I go. I don’t want to undo anything via injury.


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