So yesterday I failed to stay sugar free.

I know, I know.. Its about commitment.

It started off being an accident, and then I let the train run on through. After I had sugar because I wasn’t paying attention to what I put in my coffee, I ended up deciding to blow the next major meal and I had strawberry lemonade.

If you have ever been to the Veggie Grill, you know why I did that.

Dinner was a veggie stir-fry with veggie spring rolls. I didn’t realize until after I bought them that Pei Wei deep fries their spring rolls. Not doing that again.

But then I had my 3rd break in the sugar free policy. I had a fortune cookie, and three.

But rather than getting down on myself for this, I am back today, sugar free, and still feeling like shit from the repeated sugar hits from yesterday.


  1. You go, man! Keep it up. I’m also trying to quit sugar. I’ve been 3 days without sugar. It’s not easy. At least you are back on track. Try to make a “little mistake” just a “little mistake”. Jump back into the No-Sugar diet straight afterwards :)

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