Why hasn’t MS updated the SSRS Viewer in a while?

From https://connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/798562/add-auto-refresh-option-for-reports-on-manage-report-page-to-report-manager

Thanks for your feedback! When the report is going through the actual Report Viewer (e.g. Report Manager), we are using .NET to refresh the content, which runs into the issue you described in the initial post. To workaround this issue, if you point specifically to the reportserver URL and set rc:Toolbar=false, we are not using the Report Viewer anymore. To support the AutoRefresh option, we use the meta tag you mentioned (you can test this by rendering your report http://myserver/reportserver?/MyReport&rc:Toolbar=false). As to the warning about using rc:Toolbar=false, yes, you will need to be careful and follow that guidance. Hopefully this helps.

Matt Jones
SSRS Tiger Dev Team

Did I just pull this out of context? Good question. It could be an explanation for the workaround, or it could be a Freudian slip of “we”, when it should be “and now we”.

But here is the REAL issue. The SSRS Report viewer has had no significant fixes to get it up to MVC standards, and has still had a running issue with session breaking under its own weight.

Also I have used a couple of search engines to scour the MS site for articles on SQL Azure Reporting, and pages that I have not implemented resources on, to try to fix this, and no avail. Most of the links lead to removed page notifications. Has MS given up the ghost on SSRS? If so, now what?

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