Day 1 without added sugar

Oh god how I hate office coffee without sugar and cream.

Don’t get me wrong, we actually have descent coffee, but I like roasting my own blends at home, then a fine grind, followed by an amazing espresso of coffee.

Office coffee is Krupp’s. Donut house is the most tolerable, since it is the least over roasted. However, I still end up adding lots of cream and a little sugar, and today was cream only. Blech..

Tomorrow, I’ll try just black.

So, today was meat day. That is  I had chicken, and a LOT of vegetables. Tomorrow will be all vegetables. I love my veggies, but shedding beef, pork, chicken, and fish from my diet will be a pain. I will keep some chicken and fish, but the idea is, when I went pure vegan, I was feeling the healthiest I had in a long time. I stopped for almost a year now, and I am fighting a lot of new heath issues again. I also gained about 60 lbs in those few months.

So this is week 2 of my life change.

Next week, I start the major increase in exercise.

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