Building a DIY embedded Linux processor

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Maker has impressively devised two Linux SoCs with one based on the Atmel | SMART AT91SAM9N12. 

When it comes to obtaining an embedded Linux device like the Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone for a project, most Makers would simply head online and purchase one. That is unless you’re “hak8or,” who decided to produce his own uber mini board based on an Atmel | SMART AT91SAM9N12 that runs Linux off of a USB drive.


Inspired by Henrik Forstén’s recent device, hak8or’s system measures just two square inches in size, features on-board 64 MB of DDR2 DRAM, a USB host and OTG port.


“NAND Flash doesn’t work for some reason, so dataflash is used instead. The dataflash chip is attached to the SPI bus from the chip to the SPI bus pads while also using it’s own board. DRAM is also underclocked to 100 Mhz instead of 133 Mhz via the main system bus downclock, causing the processor to run at 300 Mhz instead…

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