Voting is two wolves and one lamb deciding what to have for lunch

  • Voting for the lesser of the evils is still voting for evil.
  • That is why I vote for the greater of the evils Cthulhu, because he will destroy the state, and everything else, but the state will be gone.
  • Vote Odin, he promised to get rid the ice giants. I see no ice giants, so he kept his promise.
  • Best candidate yet is nobody because: Nobody will tell the truth. Nobody will end the wars. Nobody will end taxes. Nobody will dissolve the state. Nobody will provide real healthcare reforms. Nobody will solve any or all of your problems.
  • Blaming the non-voter for our problems because of their not voting is like blaming the pedestrian for the auto-accident.
  • No politician has the right to my vote. My withholding my vote means I do not trust them with applying violence in my name. I will not endorse violence with my vote.
  • Republican Party and Democrat Party are two heads of the same beast, government. Either way, you are feeding something that would oppress and devour you alive, because that is its nature.
  • Voting is two wolves and one lamb deciding what to have for lunch.
  • A criminal does a crime. Government passes a new law. Why does the government official think that the criminal is going to suddenly start obeying the law? Why do we need a new law to brand him a criminal when we already have one? What is the real goal of the law, except to make more criminals of law abiding people.

These are various quotes and comments regarding politics. Love them, or hate them, they have plenty of accuracy about them.

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