This Easter Egg-F-O is powered by ATtiny85

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A perfect spacecraft for an eggs-traterrestrial!

From hunting for Bluetooth-enabled, candy-filled eggs to decorating random patterns with robotic kits, we’ve seen quite a few impressive creations this year. Now, added to that growing list is Michael Teeuw with his aptly named Egg-F-O


As part of his family’s annual Easter decorating competition, the Maker realized that merely dipping an egg in PAAS dye or throwing paint on its shell wouldn’t suffice. Instead, Teeuw decided to add some special effects using an uber mini tinyAVR MCU to create a blinking spacecraft — alien and all.


“The ATtiny85 is small enough to be incorporated in my work of art, and doesn’t require any additional electronics, besides some LEDs and a 3v battery to fulfill it’s magic,” Teeuw writes. “After an hour of cutting wires, soldering and applying some heat shrink, some coding was all I needed to do to finish up my secret ingredient.”


The Maker then covered his spacecraft in aluminum foil…

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