LIFX adds an affordable bulb to its smart lighting collection

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

With a retail price under $40, the White 800 is the perfect introduction to the world of smart lighting.

The battle for control of the burgeoning smart lighting market continues to heat up, with new products being introduced regularly by both large corporations and startups. Just this month, Philips Hue announced a pair of new solutions: the Phoenix and Go, a wireless white light lamp and a portable LED lamp, respectively. Not too far behind is Australian startup LIFX who has unveiled a new product of its own, the White 800.


The company, which was Wi-Fi-enabled lighting pioneer and one of the all-time most successful Kickstarter campaigns back in 2012 — has launched a $40 smart bulb capable of switching between both warm and cool white lights. As can be expected, the White 800 is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi technology (meaning no hub required) to allow users to control their lights, create one-touch presets and configure favorite settings, all from its accompanying mobile app.

Between the bulb’s sleek compact profile…

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