US police in March killed more than twice as many as killed by UK police since 1900 (115 years)

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US police increasingly seem to use violence as a first resort (e.g., in serving search warrants), just as in foreign relations the US seems not to regard war as the last resort but rather as an early option (cf. Iraq).

More details here. Specific figures: in March, US police killed 111 people; in the 115 years since 1900, UK police have killed 52.

To be fair, the UK is smaller than the US, but to have killed 52 in 1380 months (0.03768 per month), compared to the 111/month the US killed in March, the population of the UK, if the police there killed at the same rate as the US, would have to be 0.03768/111 (just over 3/100ths of 1%) of the US population (320,620,000), or 108,840 people The UK is much larger than that: 63,742,977, or more than 585 times as much.

Something is seriously out of…

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