Modding a post-WWII Craftsman table saw into a fully-functioning 3D printer

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

Boy, would our grandfathers have loved to see this!

While 3D printing’s roots only date back to the 1980s, do you ever wonder what an additive manufacturing machine would’ve looked like had the processing power of today been available 70 years ago? Fortunately, Maker Chad Bridgewater has given us at least a faint idea.


The Maker recently took the shell of a post-WWII Craftsman table saw and modded it with modern-day technologies to create a fully-functional 3D printer. As you can expect, the antiquated piece of equipment that he had bought for $5 at a tag sale no longer worked as its motor was shot. So, Bridgewater decided to gut the entire thing and house a set of electronics inside the machine’s original motor casing.


At the internal base of its shell, the Maker bolted together a set of laser-cut panels that would hold its components, which consisted of an LCD screen, a power supply, an SD card slot, an Arduino Uno (ATmega328) and an Arduino shield. He then…

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