If you are a software engineer and using Bing over Google, you are probably stupid… like me

I mostly use Bing because I burn through my credits on useful things like Starbucks prepaid cards, and whatnot.

However, when I am searching for engineering information and solutions, Bing has proven to be a piece of shit.

Key words being searched: DateTimeOffset Change TimeZone.

  • Google: First line was solution.
  • Bing: 3 pages and crap. Everything that I didn’t need.

There are definitely things I like Bing for, but I suspect that for engineering, even the Bing engineers probably use Google. I know that some of the core engineers on other MS projects use Google, and have made fun of Bing. So MSN search, Live Search, and now Bing, all have one thing in common, they are all based on a pretense that MS knows how to make a search tool. FAIL!

I feel sorry for Yahoo. Their backbone for their search is Bing.

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