US government surveillance of citizens steadily increases

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Combine the increasing constant surveillance of US citizens by the government with the increasing militarization of police and the increasing immunity of police from any sort of accountability—plus the US government’s undeniable fondness for, and support of, repressive dictatorships, and you can see the future. Here are two sobering articles:

How Big Business Is Helping Expand NSA Surveillance, Snowden Be Damned, by Lee Fang in The Intercept – Government controlled by, and run for, big business is pretty much the definition of Fascism. The article begins:

Since November 11, 2011, with the introduction of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, American spy agencies have been pushing laws to encourage corporations to share more customer information. They repeatedly failed, thanks in part to NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s revelations of mass government surveillance. Then came Republican victories in last year’s midterm Congressional elections and a major push by corporate interests…

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