Top tech April Fools’ Day pranks from around the web

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

From smart socks to kitty litter drones, which hoaxes caught your attention?

It’s that time of the year, folks: April Fools’ Day. 24 hours worth of outlandish news, imaginary (yet extremely innovative) product pitches and bizarre advertisements as one company after the next jumps into a giant game of hoax leapfrog. We must admit though, a few of the ideas were pretty awesome. Some even left us wishing that they were, in fact, real. Seeing as though countless brands — ranging from Google to Samsung — participated in the day’s festivities, we’ve decided to put a list together of a couple noteworthy pranks from throughout the tech industry. And, if there is one thing we learned, it is that apparently simple smartphone cameras no longer suffice when it comes to selfie-taking…

Twitter’s Twelfie Stick

Twelfie_stick_updated-1 The Twelfie Stick is a highly-sophisticated and first-of-its-kind device, making it easier for people to not only get the very best angle on their selfies…

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