This jacket can play electronic music

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

First, there were wearables. Then, there were hearables. Now, get ready for soundables.

Designed by Ylenia Gortana in collaboration with New York musician Birdmask, Showpiece is a jacket that functions as an actual electronic music interface. The garment, which at first appears to look just like an ordinary winter coat, is comprised of touch-sensivtive tiles that replace its typical down insulation.


The entire piece was built using various conductive e-textiles, which are arranged in a matrix of 52 handmade push sensors. Each one responds to a wearer’s touch by emitting a preset sound. These tiles consist of a layer of copper and silver thread, separated by velostatic foil. This enables the sensors to transmit a range of signals, and ultimately, gives each jacket square an on/off switch. Meanwhile, a pair of Arduino Lilypad boards (ATmega328) connect the tiles to a Bluetooth signal module that converts the data from touches into MIDI sound signals.


“The concept of Soundable Fashion [was] developed from the starting point of questioning myself if I can come up with alternative ways of presenting fashion than on a common catwalk. So…

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