Parva is first analog synthenthizer with a USB master port

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Parva is a new synthesizer that combines the old-school warmth of analog synthesis with the convenience of modern-day digital control. 

Created by Austin, Texas startup Futuresonus, Parva is a next-generation polyphonic analog synthesizer that combines an all-analog signal chain with the modern-day convenience of digital control, all in a nicely bundled tabletop package.


“I designed Parva from the ground up with the intention of producing a completely new synth while still maintaining the character of the classics from the ‘70s and ‘80s,” explained founder Brad Ferguson.

From the oscillators and wave-shapers to the voltage-controlled filters (VCF) and snappy OTA-based voltage-controlled amplifiers, Parva’s signal path is 100% analog. The system itself is based on a modular voice card architecture. Each of these cards are actually a full-featured synth in its own right, comprised of three oscillators, two VCFs, four envelope generators, and four low-frequency oscillators (LFOs). Users can configure their synth with anywhere between one to eight voice cards, which will provide monophonic or…

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