Linux or Unix? My thoughts of my migration from #FreeBSD to #Ubuntu


I hate to say it, but I am seriously considering letting go of on of my favorite OSs, FreeBSD, and switch of Ubuntu.

I know, I know.. this should be a no brainer. But FreeBSD has been with with me for decades. Its like letting go of your favorite stuffed toy as a child.

I knew of all of its strengths and weaknesses. I knew how to run it on a single floppy. I even borrowed concepts from Knoppix to run it from a bootable memory stick.

All that being said, I built a bootable memory stick from Ubuntu with no effort. My drivers worked on first load, no tweaks, not hassle. The UI wasn’t too divergent from the older KDE UI that I have been using.

I will miss my never ending hours of burning the candle while I try to figure out why my new hardware is not working right with my OS. I will miss my sleepless nights of wondering if I set my memory cap right on my server for the partitioned RAM (For those of you who still use RAM Cache for temp files).

But I welcome the optimized SSD support.

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