Aivvy Q is a self-learning pair of headphones for the IoT

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This pair of headphones learns your taste in music to serve as your ‘personal DJ.’

While there are seemingly countless headphones on the market today, none may be as impressive as the recently-launched pair from Redwood City, California startup Aivvy. The company has unveiled a new product that promises to provide a new music listening experience that is instant, intuitive and most importantly, simple. Billed as the first headphones for the Internet of Things (IoT), Aivvy Q is capable of learning a wearer’s genre preferences based on their actions, location and time of day using what its creators call “Music Cortex” technology.


In other words, Aivvy Q begins to play a user’s favorite tunes as soon as they are thrown over his or her ears. From there, simple gestures are used to interact with the device. Tap the built-in trackpad to bookmark songs, swipe forward to skip a song, or turn the channel ring to switch between channels. What’s more, as soon as a…

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