Arachnio is an open-source Arduino variant with Wi-Fi

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Arachnio takes a breadboarded mess and turns it into an Arduino Micro-sized board.

Designed by Logos Electromechanical, Arachnio is an affordable, open-source Arduino variant with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities.


Based on an ATmega32U4, the board features an ESP8266EX Wi-Fi module with a printed antenna. Both Arachnio’s hardware and software are entirely Arduino-compatible, thereby making it easy to get a connected device up and running. Beyond that, its accompanying libraries enable the board to join an existing Wi-Fi access point (or create your own) super quickly.

Despite its compact size, which measures only 50mm x 18mm and weighs less than 10 grams, Arachnio is rugged enough to be installed just about anywhere. The board also draws minimal power. According to its creators, current consumption is below 50 microamps on a single Li-Po cell in deep sleep with the power LED removed.


Ideal for building sensor networks, Arachnio makes it easy to use with solar power and is designed to support nearly every Wi-Fi device, including your home network. To help bring…

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