Rock out with the Jamstik+ smart guitar

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Play this smart guitar through your mobile device.

Have you always wanted to be an axe-slaying, guitar-slinging rockstar? Yet, have you found learning to play an instrument to be a bit too difficult and expensive? Well, that may all change thanks to Minneapolis-based startup Zivix who has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its smart guitar, Jamstik+. Like just about everything else, the Internet of Things (IoT) is giving modern-day instruments a high-tech makeover, embedding them with new, more connected functionality.


The Jamstik+ SmartGuitar provides users with the accessibility of a Guitar Hero-like computing interface along with the ability to add vibrato and bend strings as if it were a real instrument, all while wirelessly pairing with your iPhone, iPhone or other Apple device. What’s more, the Jamstik lineup is packed with Atmel processors.

You may recall an older version of the product called Jamstik, which hit Indiegogo back in 2014. However, this iteration had a minor glitch. Whenever a user played a note, there was a delay in the sound being emitted. This…

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