Building a wearable UV index and weather sensor with tinyAVR

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

This wearable device can help prevent sunburn and predict weather changes.

A recent entry into the Hackaday Prize contest, the UV-badge is a small, wearable instrument designed to monitor UV index, air temperature, humidity and air pressure. The brainchild of x-labz, the device will use collected data to help users avoid sunburn, control indoor humidity, and potentially even predict weather changes or impending storms.


Built around an ATtiny861A, the UV-badge features an LCD screen, some sensors (UV, humidity, pressure and temperature), and a coin-cell battery, all housed inside a 3D-printed case. In addition, a custom contact connector clip enables only six pads to be required on the PCB.


While there aren’t too many details around the project just yet, we couldn’t resist sharing. As we await future updates, you can follow along with the build over on its log here.

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