3DFormer is a 3D printing pen for Makers

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

This easy-to-use, even easier-to-hold pen draws 3D models right in thin air.

While 3D printers may have stolen the buzz as of late, 3D pen makers aren’t too far behind in meeting the successes and mainstream appeal of their much larger siblings. In fact, handheld gadgets like the 3Doodler and Lix have already experienced multi-million dollar backings on Kickstarter over the last couple of years.


Hoping to be added to the list is new 3D printing pen 3DFormer, the brainchild of Austin-based Dim3printing LLC. Designed with students in mind, the device allows users to trace and draw 3D models right in thin air using FDM printing technology.

“3DFormer was developed for arts and STEM education projects. Kids may design and build artworks, and develop geometrical, engineering, and astronomical models for learning. 3DFormer may help kids to be more creative than ever,” the team writes. “Using 3DFormer together with other electronic or mechanical components, the inventions are instantly happening out of your…

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