Voting for the lesser evil

A good friend of mine, and trusted allie, reminded me that the reason that Barbara Boxer got elected was because of the stunt pulled on the republican candidate Bruce Herschensohn just before elections.

Here are my problems with this.

  • Dirty tricks, backstabbing, media polarity, and mudslinging have been in US politics since before we were a country. So why wasn’t he expecting this?
  • Why would you go to a strip club for any reason, even if it is with someone you know, right before an election?
  • Why didn’t he make sure the place they were going was what their friend claimed before hand. I’m not running for politics and I still do that today.

No, here is the real issue. No person has any greatness to rule over another person. No person has any mastery of thought or character to justify ruling over another person. No person has such great mental mastery to be considered qualified to rule over another person.

Why am I going through this. Ted Cruz is cherry picked to run for president, since the cherry picked candidate Jeb Bush is polling so poorly. Sure, Ted is a conservative, but he is no libertarian, and he is definitely not about deregulating the vast majority of government.

Summary of issues: (Most of these points were discovered through Wikipedia, and various Google and Bing searches)

  • War in the middle east: Escalate and recruit locals. However, stay out of Syria.
    My Summary: More of the same, just different scale and rhetoric.
  • Pissing off liberal media, like Salon:
    My Summary: Oh you know that this is a win in my play book. I may have to vote for this guy on this alone.
  • Marriage: Pro government involvement, but at the state level. See “State Marriage Defense Act”
    My Summary: How about, just get out of people’s bedrooms and take the stance that it if you don’t want gay marriage, don’t marry another person of the same sex. No laws needed.
  • Gun Rights: He has been actively against gun control.
    My Summary: Yay, but not nearly far enough. Need to go further and defend the 2nd amendment completely. (Ted is not Ron Paul.)
  • NSA: Raised concerns, but has made no motion for a shutdown and dispersion.
    My Summary: Hell, anyone can raise questions, but I only trust those who are taking actions for the shutdown of the agency. Domestic spying is morally bankrupt.
  • Net Neutrality and FCC: Ted is against Net Neutrality, and for stripping powers and authorities from the FSS.
    My Summary: Ok, this is a double win for me.
  • Keystone XL Pipeline Act: Ted is all for this. Even co-sponsored it.
    My Summary: FAIL! Oh this is such a fail. Why is the government into something that is clearly a private industry issue. If the market needs it, it will build it, and there won’t be anything that the government needs to do, except get out of the way. The big problem here is that the Keystone Pipe is based on government stealing property from people, and the tribal lands of Indian nations. When will these fucking politicians learn that we are not slaves, and they don’t need to get involved in this shit.
  • Marijuana: He is against legalizing this herb, so it is still a crime. However, he is for the states to be the final voice.
    My Summary: This means that he still doesn’t believe that we are truly free people, and that the states have the ultimate ownership over us. Drug wars are nothing more than enslavement at the cost of those who are being enslaved.
  • Foreign Policy: He is a limited warmonger. Calling him a limited isolationist is like saying that cancer is only slightly bad.
    My Summary: One, Rand Paul is not an isolationist, he is more of a free market person than Ted Cruz. Then we have the opposite of Rand, meaning John McCain, who is an out and out warmonger. I actually suspect that McCain left his sanity in his holding cell those many decades ago. The problem with the middle east is that no-matter which side we support, we are killing family members of the other side. We can only make more enemies by staying there. It is times like this that I have to chew my ego and ask where is the modern Jimmy Carter, to finally negotiate a peace deal.
  • Israel: He is pro Israel.
    My Summary: Let me start with, the modern Israel is not the promised Israel from the biblical predictions. This is another nation that will rise and fall, supporting wars that will come and go. Do these people deserve the violence thrust on them? No. Do the Palestinians deserve being wiped off the face of the planet? No. Start reading news from sources outside of the US, and you will get an aspect of Israel that you may not find pretty at all.
  • Obamacare: Wants to repeal.
    My Summary: I agree.
  • Drone warfare: End it.
    My Summary: I agree.
  • Increase mineral resource development, including oil drilling: Pro.
    My Summary: I agree.
  • Free Speech via Political contributions: Remove more caps.
    My Summary: I agree.
  • Global Warming: Man made global warming is a hoax.
    My Summary: I agree so adamantly that I need to post a whole other article on this alone.

Sorry, but when I break this down, I just cannot vote for this guy. I hope that the people wake up and realize the amoral actions of the media when it came to Ron Paul, and reflect on Rand Paul in that light. So we can vote Rand Paul into office. Then in the next election after that, Adam Kokesh by popular write-in. So Rand will shrink the federal Government, maybe. Then Adam can dissolve the federal government.

However, per the title of this article, all of this is about voting for the lesser of the evils. The best idea is to stop voting for evil. That does mean just end the government and be done with it.

Christian Freedom! 2015-2-1


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