Wi-Fi router flaw leaves hundreds of hotel guests vulnerable to hackers

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Researchers have discovered 277 devices in 29 countries to be accessible over the Internet.

Another week, another piece of research highlighting the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi devices. This time, security firm Cylance has discovered routers — which can be been found in eight of the world’s top 10 hotel chains — to be vulnerable to hacking. The experts claim cyber attackers could easily use the flaw to monitor and record data sent over the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.


Cylance discovered that multiple ANTLabs InnGate models contained a misconfigured, unauthenticated rsync service that listened on TCP port 873 and gave unprivileged users full read and write access to the file system. The Rsync daemon is a tool often used to backup systems since it can be set up to automatically copy files or new parts of files from one location to another.

“When an attacker gains full read and write access to a Linux file system, it’s trivial to then turn that into remote code execution,” Cylance…

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